Brev till Irans ambassad


Med anledning av Palmepristagaren Narges Mohammadis allvarliga hälsoproblem har minnesfonden via dess ordförande Stefan Löfven och vice ordförande Joakim Palme idag skickat följande brev till Irans ambassad och dess ambassadör Ahmad Masoumi Far:

Narges Mohammadi’s struggle for fundamental human rights has made her Iran’s most esteemed and respected citizens around the world. This has manifested itself in the many prizes she has been awarded, among them the Olof Palme Prize 2023. The imprisonment of her is not only inhumane, it has also become life threatening. It is the duty and responsibility of Iranian authorities to make sure that she gets the necessary medical treatment without violating her human rights, and this goes for all other prisoners at the Evin prison. The hunger strike started by Narges Mohammadi implies that the situation has become ever more acute. Gathered for a meeting 7 November 2023, the Board of Olof Palme Memorial Fund urges the Iranian Government to take immediate action to save the life of Narges Mohammadi. 

 On behalf of the Board 

 Stefan Löfven
Chairman of the Board

Joakim Palme
Vice chairman of the Board