Prize recipients

Eliot Higgins Bellingcat

2024 – Bellingcat

The 2024 Olof Palme Prize goes to the independent investigative journalism group Bellingcat. In an era when the transmission of news and facts threatens to be eroded by an ever-increasing flood of disinformation from various malign actors, including nation states, Bellingcat provides a necessary and welcome scrutiny of these misinformation flows based on what is […]
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Olof Palmepriset 2023

2023 – Marta Chumalo, Eren Keskin and Narges Mohammade

The Olof Palme Prize 2023 is awarded to Marta Chumalo, Ukraine, Eren Keskin, Türkiye and Narges Mohammadi, Iran. For their efforts in the fight to secure women's freedom, in an age when human rights are threatened by war, violence and oppression. Throughout their lives and through their actions, these three women, along with many of their sisters in struggle, have inspired others and paved the way for courageous young women and men to continue fighting for the fundamental human rights of all people.
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Patricia Gualinga

2022 – Patricia Gualinga

The Olof Palme Prize 2022 is awarded to Patricia Gualinga, a leader of the Kichwa People of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She is recognised for her courageous leadership in campaigning for the rights of indigenous people and of nature, as well as her struggle to ensure the survival of the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest. In an age when biodiversity is threatened and climate change is demanding huge transformations, indigenous people are particularly vulnerable. Through her relationship with the land and the natural world, Patricia Gualinga shows us a path to sustainable societies, and shows us that we must all learn to live with nature, not in competition with it. Indigenous peoples' struggle for survival is, therefore, the struggle for the survival of humankind. As the world faces ecological catastrophe it is vital that the voices of Patricia Gualingas and her fellow activists are heard.
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Olof Palme


The Olof Palme Memorial Fund has decided to alter the naming of the year for the Olof Palme prize so that the year corresponds to the year in which the prize is awarded. As a result this years winner - who under the previous arrangements would have been the Palme Prize winner 2021 - instead becomes the 2022 recipient. There is no gap in the series of winners, the prize is awarded every year.
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2020 – Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation

The 2020 Olof Palme Prize is awarded to the international civil rights movement Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, with roots in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement founded by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi in 2013. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is working for peaceful civil disobedience against police brutality and racial violence all over the world. The BLM movement at large has in a unique way exposed the hardship, pain, and wrath of the African-American minority at not being valued equal to people of a different color.
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2019 – David Cornwell / John le Carré

The 2019 Olof Palme Prize goes to David John Moore Cornwell, also known by the pen name John le Carré, for his engaging and humanistic opinion making in literary form regarding the freedom of the individual and the fundamental issues of mankind. Attracting world-wide attention, he is constantly urging us to discuss the cynical power games […]
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2018 – Daniel Ellsberg

When Daniel Ellsberg, a former military analyst and the world’s most important whistleblower, exposed the U.S. Government’s secret war plans for Vietnam in 1971, he was well aware of risking a long time in prison and a spoiled career. Regardless of such consequences, his decision led to the removal of a mendacious government, a shortening […]
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2017 – Hédi Fried and Emerich Roth

The 2017 Olof Palme Prize is awarded to Hédi Fried and Emerich Roth for their indefatigable contributions as defenders of the equal value of every human being, and for their life-long and exceptional educational work against Nazism, racism, violence and prejudice. Marked by their heinous experiences of the Holocaust, they - like many Jews and other survivors of the Nazi death camps - lived a life of tension between their devastating trauma and their strong will to live on and tell the world of their experiences, in order to spare new generations from the collapse of humanity and democracy.
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2016 – Spyridon Galinos and Giusi Nicolini

The 2016 Olof Palme Prize is awarded to the two mayors Spyridon Galinos , Lesbos, and Giusi Nicolini, Lampedusa and Linosa, for their inspiring leadership in one of the most difficult periods of our time, thereby having saved thousands of lives and given hope and belief in the future. Together with their citizens Spyridon Galinos and Giusi Nicolini  opened their minds and societies for fellow human beings fleeing from war, terror, and misery. In an increasingly dangerous and cruel world they have stressed the humanistic imperative that it is more important to protect people than borders.
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Gideon Levy och Mitri Raheb

2015 – Gideon Levy and Mitri Raheb

The 2015 Olof Palme Prize is awarded to the Palestinian pastor Mitri Raheb, and the Israeli journalist Gideon Levy , for their courageous and indefatigable fight against occupation and violence, and for a future Middle East characterized by peaceful coexistence and equality for all. By their work they both give a ray of hope to a conflict that has plagued and continues to plague millions of people and to endanger world peace.
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