Public Eye – Vertical Gardening 2011

Ideell Förening Public Eye Sara Gebran

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A community art platform for Palestinian and Scandinavian artists and architects and for the communities of refugee camps in the West Bank, using gardening as a tool to create social imaginaries and practical examples of strategies for how to think of public space in complex environments, merging art with self-sustainable economy.


Vertical Gardening ´11 is a community art platform where Palestinian & Scandinavian artists, architects and students co-operate with the communities of refugee camps, using the practice of gardening to create social imaginaries and practical examples for how to think of collective use of public space. The work merges artistic tools with the objective of a self-sustainable economy and creation of functioning public arenas for basic democratic processes.

The project is a continuation of the work that we have built up together with the community of refugee camp Jalazoun during last years Vertical Gardening ’10 and Vertical Exile ’09.

The Vertical Gardening-platsform is a way to take advantage from the space, to plant on the roofs, windows and walls of the refugee camp, with the double objective of embellishing the camp, possibly making a micro-economy, and through collective work and discussions on these issues build a public discourse.

We think of the project as a fantasy in reality, with the aim to develop tools and strategies for gardening in vertical spaces. Our goal is to develop a 4 years projects to spread gardens to as many refugee camps as possible in the West Bank, letting the community appropriate and lead the project.

Vertical Gardening ´11 is taking place September-October 2011. Some of the planned activities for are:
Workshops for children and adults in a) Planting and b) How to build your own green house.
Children from the school of Jalazoun inviting other schools to teach planting.
Co-operative project with palestinian organization Agricultural Relief to give workshops on methods for recycling of waste water and composte.
Installation of a laboratory window farming/hydroponic system.
Workshop with students of architecture and engineering on how to develop ‘window farming’-techniques suited for the situation in the camps; fx lack of continuity of electricity.
3 days Workshop for children between 12 and 16 years on photography and filming, with the intention to create a group to do the documentation for the project (instead of hiring an external film artists).
Workshop of movement/dance for women.
Workshop of yoga for women.
Seminars inviting prof. Munir Fasheh, prof. Yazid Anani, and other experts in art, architecture, agriculture and community work.
Ulrika Zeuthen will create a small arena for screening films as a complement of the gardening project. We will assist with network and any other support and we will include it as part of the ending festival week.
Festival week in the end of the month inviting the 3 local folkloric Dapke groups, the circus of Palestine and a small performance made by our selves.


In the village of Dura Al Kara, between Jalazone refugee Camp and the Israeli settlement Beit El, lies a valley with fertile planting soil and a natural water supply. Here the project Vertical Gardening / The Carpet has grounded its roots. A festival combining the art of leisure time and entertainment with workshops and collective activities. By mobilizing the area through activities, we also aim to defy the frequent attempts of appropriation from the settlers; not with aggression, but by cultivation and production.

The project started the 11th of September preparing the site to host a 10 days festival from October the 5th to October the 15th, this combination of Living Room and Working Space is open for anyone interested in Gardening, Collective Cooking and Dinners, Open air movie screenings and Discussions, Dabke contests, Media- and Video workshops, Green House construction, Concerts, Land Art workshops, Yoga, Compost techniques, Ping Pong tournaments and Dance Performances.

We don’t make any difference between participants and audience; we all entertain and teach each other. All those with expertise are welcome to instruct and exchange. Bring your own instrument to play or seeds to plant, and a few coins to buy coffe and snacks. Join us for a 1 hour-visit, or stay for the whole period.

For info on opening hours and map, see the facebook page for Vertical Gardening / The Carpet
If you need more information please contact us.
Thank you
Sara Gebran