Lubna Qureshi, Stockholm. The Statecraft of Olof Palme, 10 000 kronor

Lubna Qureshi, Professor Thomas Jonter of Stockholm University

10000 kr


I intend to promote peace, antiracism, and international understanding by publishing an English-language monograph on the late prime minister’s foreign policy. It would be difficult to promote Palme’s legacy in the United States if most young Americans do not even know how Palme was. My book will feature chapters on Palme’s opposition to the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa. I will also analyze his campaigns for international disarmament and peace in the Middle East.


Den amerikanska historikern Dr Lubna Qureshi har tilldelats Palmestipendiet ur Olof Palmes Minnesfond 2014.  Stipendiet kommer att stödja hennes forskning för hennes planerade bok The Statecraft of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

Hennes bok kommer att belysa Palmes politik om Vietnamkriget, apartheid i Sydafrika, kärnvapennedrustning, Latinamerika och Mellanöstern .

Ett centralt tema är den förre statsministerns engagemang för fred och internationell förståelse . Professorn i internationella relationer Thomas Jonter vid Stockholms universitet Institutionen för ekonomisk historia kommer att följa hennes arbete.  I våras höll Qureshi ett föredrag om Palme och Vietnam vid Svenska historikermötet 2014 i Stockholm . I juni kommer hon att presentera en utvigdad version av sitt föredrag vid Society for Historians of American Foreign Relationsårliga konferens 2014 i Lexington, Kentucky, USA .  Dr Lubna Qureshi specialiserade sig i amerikansk diplomatisk historia vid University of California, Berkeley där hon disputerade 2006. Hennes första bok ,Nixon, Kissinger, and Allende: U.S. Involvement in the 1973 Coup in Chile,, publicerades 2009 av Lexington Books . Qureshi kan nås via e-post vid lubna.qureshi (at) .


American historian Dr. Lubna Qureshi has been awarded a 2014 grant from the Olof Palme Memorial Fund.  The grant will support her research for her planned book, The Statecraft of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.  Her book will examine Palme’s policies on the Vietnam War, apartheid in South Africa, nuclear disarmament, Latin America, and the Middle East.  A key theme will be the late prime minster’s commitment to peace and international understanding.  Professor Thomas Jonter, a scholar of international relations, will supervise her project at Stockholm University’s Department of Economic History.  This spring, Qureshi presented a paper on Palme and Vietnam at the 2014 Svenska historikermötet in Stockholm.  In June, she will read an expanded version of the paper at the 2014 conference of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.  A specialist in U.S. diplomatic history by training, Qureshi earned her doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley in 2006.  Her first book, Nixon, Kissinger, and Allende: U.S. Involvement in the 1973 Coup in Chile, was published by Lexington Books in 2009.  Qureshi may be reached by electronic mail at lubna.qureshi (at) .