Filmdokumentär. Marius van Niekerk, Stockholm. 150 000 kronor.

Marius van Niekerk

150000 kr


Plan to be shot in the war zones of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this documentary-feature not only intends to explore the shocking plight of women and girls caught in the in the sexual crossfire as this giant African nation enters its second decade of internal conflict, but will confront the perpetrators, the rapist that committed these crimes in trying to understand the mechanisms behind such actions and the possibility for reconciliation and atonement?


City of Joy – the raped women, their rapists & healers in Democratic Republic of Congo is a film aiming to search for meaning & understanding behind a decade-old epidemic of kidnapping, rape and torture of women and girls in the DRC. Searching for understanding why men rape in war, often carried out with impunity by gangs of armed militias, these atrocities leave survivors traumatized and isolated – shunned by society and their families, and suffering lifelong health effects, including HIV.